Footballers who hate their rivals and love winding them up, such as Griffiths and Rangers

Celtic captain Brown has had his share of run-ins with Rangers. When Celtic thumped Rangers 5-1 in September 2016 he described it as ‘men against boys’, while Griffiths is often the subject of abuse from the home end at Ibrox. When he scored against Rangers in a 2-0 win in September 2017, he swung a Celtic scarf around his head and celebrated with Brown in front of angry supporters. He also cleaned his hand on a Rangers corner flag after wiping his nose, while in August he responded to a heckler at Glasgow airport by saying: “Your club’s dead, mate. Beat it.” Following the latest Celtic Old Firm win, he tweeted: “You can shout and throw things all you like; I’ll continue to do what I do best.”

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Leigh Griffiths appeared to enjoy scoring against Rangers, didn’t he?

As a striker he lives to score goals, but when it is against Celtic’s bitter enemies whose supporters love to tease him, it must have been more special.

Here, looks at other examples of players who simply love winding rivals up or just reserve special hatred for them.

Scroll through the gallery above to see more, including Jack Wilshere, Gerard Pique and Wayne Rooney.

This feature first appeared on the talkSPORT YouTube channel.


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